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Water Project
Village of Franklin, Water System Improvements

Delaware Engineering, D.P.C. has been providing planning, design, and construction administration services for improvements to the Village’s public water supply system since 2009.  The Village’s water system dates back to 1881 and was originally sourced from two springs located outside of the Village, which wells have since replaced.

In 2013, Delaware Engineering helped the Village to secure USDA-RD Grant and NYS EFC DWSRF funding assistance for a $2.4M project that completed upgrades to the source by installing two new wells, new electrical, replacement of 10,500 linear feet of watermain, backup energy and backup power, and replacement of 10,500 linear feet of water main.  The Village received a $1.4 million grant from USDA and a $972,326 grant from EFC  The remaining costs were financed with a thirty-year no-interest loan.

In 2019, Delaware Engineering was retained to prepare a Preliminary Engineering Report and assisted in securing financing for replacing the existing water storage reservoir that dated back to 1890, when the water system was first established.

Delaware proposed a new 125,000-gallon, glass-lined above-ground steel tank to replace the existing reservoir of approximately $826,500. The tank was constructed adjacent to the reservoir on land owned by the Village 2023.

Delaware Engineering assisted the Village and their grant administrator Mark Blauer in preparing a CDBG application for the tank project. A grant of $826,500 was awarded in 2021 from NYSOFC. Delaware Engineering was retained to design the project and administer construction. The new tank was constructed in 2023.

Capacity: 125,000-gallon water storage tank, 10,500 linear feet of new watermain, two new wells

Technologies: Glass-lined steel tank, automatic backup power and generator

Approx. Project Cost: $3 million


  • USDA $1.4 M
  • EFC $972,326 DWSRF / 30 YR 0% LOAN
  • CDBG $826,500

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