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Delaware Engineering D.P.C.


Orange County Facility Plan

The Facility Plan for Orange County Sewer District No. 1 incorporates review of alternatives
to address sewer capacity and longevity issues in the County. The Harriman WWTP
is a facility with aging infrastructure that utilizes numerous technologies to treat wastewater
from the Sewer District as well as adjacent communities in the County. The Harriman
treatment plant has a current capacity of 6.0 MGD and the Facility Plan reviews numerous
options with respect to capital improvements at the plant including increasing the capacity
by 3.0MGD for a total of 9.0MGD of permitted capacity and implementing improvements
to extend the useful life of the treatment system without increasing the capacity per se. Cost
estimates for Harriman upgrades range from $16 million to $73 million.

Importantly, the Facility Plan incorporates an evaluation of Regional Approaches to wastewater capacity in the County. The Regional Approach evaluates the location and timing of economic development against the location and condition of existing wastewater collection and treatment infrastructure. The study recommends alternatives to the expansion of the Harriman treatment plant that leverage existing infrastructure while supporting economic development and creating capacity within the Orange County Sewer District No. 1. Cost estimates for Regional Approaches range from $17 million to $23 million.

DRAFT Orange County Sewer District Facility Plan – Full Document