Delaware Engineering D.P.C.

Delaware Engineering D.P.C.


Tuxedo Farms, Town of Tuxedo

New Wastewater Treatment Plant for the Hamlet & Housing Development

Project Costs:
$11 million

Facility Capacity:
up to 500,000 GPD

This project includes the design and construction of a membrane bioreactor (MBR) wastewater treatment plant to serve both the Hamlet of Tuxedo and the planned Tuxedo Farms residential development.  Delaware Engineering contracted with the developer, Related Companies, to provide planning, permitting, design and construction management services for this ongoing project.

The facility is sized for 311,000 gpd and is designed to be easily expandable to 500,000 gpd. The MBR process includes fine screening, grit collections, flow equalization, biological treatment, membrane filtration, chemical treatment for nutrient removal, disinfection and a membrane biothickener (MBT) for sludge processing.

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