Delaware Engineering D.P.C.

Delaware Engineering D.P.C.


Town of Hancock

New Highway Garage

The Town of Hancock needed to replace the existing and condemned highway garage damaged during the June 2006 flood event. The new facility was designed to be a replacement in kind with a size equal to that which was damaged. The replacement facility is 7,150 square feet (130’x55’). All NYS state energy codes were far exceeded by using Butler specific sandwich wall panels and high efficiency staging propane boilers with radiant floor heating. All illumination was completed using NYSERDA approved fluorescent lighting. The facility is monitored using a state of the art fire detection and notification system.

The new facility features 4 bays for vehicle storage and repairs. Air stations are provided with hose reels throughout the entire building, with coalescing filters and provisions for sand blasting. A 30” concrete abuse wall boarders the facility providing a strong and durable garage. Overhead vehicle exhaust systems are supplied in the dedicated work bays with room for future expansion. In addition to the main facility, a new salt storage building was constructed with a new cast-in-place concrete loading ramp.

Site design work was completed in accordance with NYSDEC requirements and Delaware prepared stormwater pollution prevention plans (SWPPP). Extensive stormwater collection and treatment systems were designed to collect and treat all stormwater entering and leaving the site. A conventional subsurface treatment system treats waste from the new facility. All site related systems are logically placed as to allow for future expansion. Additionally, all stormwater systems and mechanicals were designed for future expansion in mind, reducing future upgrade and expansion costs.

Standard rooms were provided including a Superintendent’s office, Mechanic’s Office, break/meeting room, men’s and women’s bathrooms, heavy parts storage and mechanical room. Both the meeting room and the main entrance hall feature ski lodge style floor entrance drains, a design element unique to our experience in the design and construction of highway garage facilities. The drain element eliminates entrance mats, wet floors and ponding during the winter months.

Delaware Engineering provided conceptual planning and assisted the Town of Hancock in developing a project scope and environmental assessment package which assisted FEMA/SEMO in preparing a PW for project funding. Following FEMA/SEMO approval, a full building, site and stormwater design (e.g., NYSDEC SWPPP design) was completed.  Construction administration services were provided throughout the construction phase.  A considerable amount of time and collaboration with equipment vendors went into the building design to provide both a durable and functional building for the Town. 

Construction costs totalled approximately $1.2 million.


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