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Town of Fulton

New Municipal Complex

The Town Municipal Complex serves as the heart of most rural communities, providing vital services to residents and property owners. In many locales, it is also the most critical public infrastructure asset. This was the case in the Town of Fulton, where the municipal complex housed the Town’s administrative offices, highway department garage, equipment sheds, salt storage facility, and materials storage areas. Although it was not designed to accommodate this function, it also served as the Town’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) .

During Hurricane Irene, the inadequacies of the current facility to serve as the Town’s EOC were painfully apparent. Scores of Town staff, emergency responders and disaster relief workers crammed into the administrative office to coordinate a massive response to the disaster. The limited space could not efficiently accommodate the necessary people, dispatch equipment and emergency supplies. In addition, approximately 100 people shared the single bathroom (with one sink, no shower, and little privacy) located immediately adjacent to the office.

It was necessary to update the Town Hall complex so that it could efficiently serve as the Town’s EOC and to improve the Town’s ability to perform standard municipality duties. The project involved reconstruction of the existing facility, as well as construction of a new highway garage. The renovated Town Hall contains a multipurpose space that can function as a Town meeting facility and the EOC, redundant power generation, space for responder and highway department personnel and equipment, space to stockpile and distribute supplies, adequate vehicle parking, and an equipment staging area. In addition, the re-design includes space for municipal meetings including court services, supervisor, assessor, clerk, and record storage spaces. The new highway garage consists of a wood-framed structure with six bays and a storage mezzanine level. In addition, the program of the new structure includes an office for the Superintendent, a breakroom, two bathrooms, and a dedicated shower room.

An important requirement of this project is to maintain all town functionality and continuation of critical operations throughout the construction phase of the project. Therefore, the design included specific elements to allow for the construction of the new highway garage first, with the renovations to the Town Hall to follow. This allows for Town Hall functions to temporarily relocate and operate at the newly constructed Highway Garage to avoid disruptions.

During the course of the project, Delaware consulted with the Town and County to define the project, reviewed all available data, and assisted with identifying and acquiring an appropriate site for the project. Design documentation for the project was completed and included cost estimates to secure funding. Delaware is currently providing construction inspection and construction administration services.

The overall project construction budget is approximately $4.5 million dollars and is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.



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