Delaware Engineering D.P.C.

Delaware Engineering D.P.C.


Saratoga County

Water Treatment Plant Improvements

Delaware Engineering has been responsible for the permitting, design and construction of several water system improvement projects on behalf of the Saratoga County Water Authority (SCWA)

The SCWA Water Treatment Plant filters water from the Hudson River to serve many Towns and Villages within Saratoga County.  Due to long travel times in the water system, disinfection by-products have historically been a problem. In 2015, Delaware Engineering successfully completed water treatment improvement measures at the facility including the addition of granular activated carbon (GAC) and process performance measures to reduce disinfection by-products.

A related SCWA project involved permitting and construction of a pipeline and SPDES outfall to the Hudson River to dispose of filter backwash and decrease the recirculation of water within the water treatment plant.

In 2019, Delaware was hired to design and oversee the construction of a Phase II expansion of the water treatment facility to include two additional membrane racks that would increase plant capacity to 18 MGD and upgrades to the pump station.  The most recent planned upgrades include construction of an additional sludge lagoon and a dewatered sludge storage area.

2015 WTP Upgrade:     $3.9 million

SPDES Outfall Cost:      $0.9 million

2019 WTP Upgrade:     $7.9 million

2021 Sludge Lagoon:  $4.1 million

Facility Capacity:        18 MGD

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