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Our deep respect for our clients, community, & colleagues sets us apart.

Delaware Engineering, D.P.C. is different from other professional engineering firms. Our deep respect for our clients, community, and colleagues sets us apart.

Our Work

Our portfolio consists of clients that are predominantly municipal entities and selected industries. Through our decades of work, we have gained insight that municipal leaders come to government from all walks of life and bring unique perspectives, knowledge, and experience. These qualities are to be respected and engaged in the process of governing. The functions of government are complex;  it is our role to provide facts and guidance to municipal decision-makers to ensure the best interests of the public are achieved. With respect to industry, we are keenly aware that infrastructure and regulatory compliance are non-core functions and in some cases, distract from operating a successful, profitable business. Our role is to handle non-core infrastructure and regulatory functions, allowing business leaders to focus on core functions.

 Representative Clients:


  • Public/Private Universities & Colleges
  • County & State Correctional Facilities
  • Religious Institutions
  • Healthcare Facilities


  • Counties, Towns, Cities and Villages
  • Industrial & Economic Development Agencies
  • Water and Sewer Districts, Agencies, Public Authorities


  • Atlas Copco
  • International Paper
  • General Electric
  • Chobani
  • IBM
  • GlaxoSmithKline

Our Community

Our community is as broad as the locations in which we work. From our offices in Albany and Oneonta, our geography spans from New York’s Capital District throughout the upper and lower Hudson River Valley, through the Adirondack and North County Region to the Metropolitan Suburban Region north of New York City through the Catskill Region to the State’s Southern Tier. Wherever we are engaged with municipalities or industry, we are engaged with the community. Respect is given to the unique character and nature of each community, developing customized solutions to water, wastewater, stormwater, municipal buildings, special projects, and economic development challenges. We take the time to get to know each community personally, treating each person and each project with commitment and passion as though it is our own hometown.

Our Colleagues

Our colleagues are the engine that drives our business. Our professional and technical staff of more than 70 engineers, scientists, planners, and technicians are each responsible for the well-being of our clients, our communities, and each other. By encouraging personal connections and responsibility between our staff and their project work, clients benefit from the sincere dedication of our staff to a project’s success. Since the founding of the company in New York’s Delaware River Watershed in 1987, our colleagues have continued to be driven by a commitment to improve the world through everyday successes.

Delaware Engineering, D.P.C. is distinct in our achievements in supporting communities and industry through access to grants and low-cost financing. Our community service contributions we see as a small way to pay our accomplishments forward.

We welcome opportunities to explore new relationships with clients, communities, and colleagues.